PA One Call

Mair Malfara -
(610) 825-1600, extension 12

Normally a $125 annual cost, The EAP provides contractor members with PA One Call services, free of charge. This service alone reduces the actual membership cost for small electrical contractors by almost 100 percent. Please note that the Association will only pay PA One Call invoices that are mailed to us within six months of the day that they are received, or from the first date of paid membership, whichever is least recent. We also cannot reimburse companies if they have already paid the invoice so make sure to forward it to us (unpaid) as soon as you receive it! Members may mail, fax or email their PA One Call invoices to:

The Electrical Association of Philadelphia
Attention: Mair Malfara
1787 Sentry Parkway West
VEVA 16 - Suite 410
Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone: (610) 825-1600, ext. 12
Fax: (610) 825-1603


Access the PA One Call website at