About EAP: the Electrical Association of Philadelphia

The Electrical Association is a non-profit regional trade association with a diverse membership of about 400 companies, including electrical engineers, manufacturers and representatives, wholesalers, utilities, inspectors, and electrical, HVAC, and datacom contractors. Known as the premiere trade organization in the region since 1917, the EAP ties all segments of the industry together and advances the professional and business interests of all of its members.

The EAP'S Mission and Core Purpose

Through synergy advance the business success of our members.

syn-er-gy: (1) the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects (2) working together


The EAP is an umbrella organization that unites its diverse members who make up the Philadelphia electrical community.

We strive to:

  • build a culture that embraces deep and lasting relationships among member companies.
  • offer products and services of high quality that are tailored to individual member or membership segment needs.
  • take care of your business needs to interact with all the various components of the electrical industry.


(A) The EAP will be its members' indispensable resource for success through business networking, business opportunities, and education.
(B) The EAP will be recognized as a catalyst for creating industry synergy.
(C) The EAP will be financially secure and stable through the diversification of revenue in order to deliver the core purpose.


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