2019 Scholarship Winner

Henry Barusevicius, III

Member Company: H B Electric Service
Pennsylvania College of Technology

Are you still in school? Are you working and if so, in what field?
My first year was amazing! The school I chose had a great program, and the teachers really seem to care about the students and their success. Most of the teachers really know their stuff as well and make class fun. I am currently studying Electrical Construction.

How did receiving the EAP scholarship mean to you? How did it help advance your educational goals?
Receiving the scholarship was a godsend. It really did help offset the cost of education. Good Education comes at a price. The scholarship helped me to keep more focus on school instead of worrying about how I will pay for it.

How do you anticipate the global pandemic will impact your educational aspirations in the short term? Long term?
Well, to be honest, once the school transitioned to online learning, I really was not able to learn anything. Most kids in my major, got very little, if anything from the online learning. If the school were to offer online only learning in the future, I will not be continuing my education.