2018 Scholarship Winner

Tara Bender  

Tara Bender

Member Company: Rumsey Electric Company
King’s College

Are you still in school? Are you working and if so, in what field?
I am currently enrolled at King’s College and I just completer my first semester. I am studying mechanical engineering while playing soccer for the school.

What did winning the EAP scholarship mean to you?
Winning the EAP scholarship meant a lot to me because a lot of the scholarships through the school had specific careers and none were directed towards a mechanical engineering major. So it was very special to me that I won a scholar ship that was specified for mechanical engineering. It also helped me out financially.

How has winning the EAP scholarship helped you achieve your goals?
Winning the EAP scholarship helped me achieve my goal academically by allowing me to pursue a degree in the major I wanted and the school I fell in love with.