2008 Scholarship Winner

Nicole deFuria Nicholson  

Nicole deFuria Nicholson

Member Company: O’Brien Heating & Cooling
Cornell University

Are you still in school? Are you working and if so, in what field?
I am the Director of Northeast Real Estate Operations for Verizon. I have control over the day to day operations for a diverse portfolio of almost 50M SF, including administrative, work centers and technical locations –including HVAC,electrical, plumbing, elevators, etc.

What did winning the EAP scholarship mean to you?
I was very proud to receive the EAP scholarship. The EAP scholarship not only helped me start my path by attending such a great university, but I also like to think it had an influence on where I have ended up. The Electrical Association of Philadelphia was always something my father and grandfather were involved in, but I never realized I would end up so closely aligned with the goals and objectives of the Association in my own career. Affording these types of opportunities to the next generation for higher education, especially when in the highly sought after technical fields, is invaluable.

How has winning the EAP scholarship helped you achieve your goals?
When preparing for college and working the financials, every dollar helps. This scholarship assisted in making it possible for me to attend my dream school which set me on my path to my career now at Verizon.