Tap to Pay with Tapper

                     Do you hate waiting to get paid, or having to deal with a paper trail for your business? Tapper (www.usetapper.com) is the fastest payments, invoicing and bookkeeping app to handle all your business needs. With Tapper, you can accept card payment with JUST one tap on your phone (no reader required), document the job and track earnings and expenses all from one place. If you're a business owner, you can now get paid on the spot through your workers' phones, and our flexible and purpose-built invoicing features will power your business no matter whether you do residential or commercial work. Get paid now and use best practices to take your business to the next level. 

Tapper's main features include:

  • Accept payments instantly (on-site)
  • Send payment links (remote)
  • Unlimited Flexible Estimates & Invoicing 
  • Earnings & Expense Tracking
  • Manage Markups
  • Integration with Quickbooks
  • Collect & Share Customer Reviews

For EAP members, Tapper has ZERO monthly fees.

For any questions, you have direct support from founder & CEO Harry at:

Visit www.usetapper.com and start using Tapper today!