Ensuring that our lights turn on, our heating and cooling systems are running, and our gas appliances are operating safely and efficiently, utilities play an important role in everyday life.

Membership Qualifications and Eligibility

To join as a Utility Member, a corporation must be engaged in electricity generation and distribution.

Key Features/Benefits for Utilities

Access: The EAP acts as an extension of your marketing team, providing multiple platforms to communicate important safety and program updates.

Custom Energy Efficient Programs: Partner with the EAP to meet your annual energy efficiency objectives.

Customer Service: Looking for a non-profit, independent third-party entity to provide referrals to qualified electrical and HVAC contractors or underwriters? The EAP is ready to assist your customers, ensuring enrolled contractors meet and maintain minimum requirements to conduct work in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Education and Training: Allow your employees to access high-quality industry education at a reduced rate.

Membership Dues

Annual dues for utilities are negotiable based on services requested of the association. 

Interested utilities should contact Sarah Hagy to discuss membership opportunities. 
[email protected]
(610) 825-1600 x11