April 30, 2021: Updates from Department of Licenses & Inspections

New Virtual One-on-One Appointments Schedule Online

L&I is now offering online appointments for permit submissions. If you’re having trouble submitting a permit application, schedule an online one-on-one appointment with an L&I representative. All online meetings will be conducted over Zoom. 

Online appointments are o provide help with license renewals and new license submissions will continue to be available. Click here to schedule your online license appointment. 


The following resources were recently added to the L&I website to help guide you through the permit process.

  • Modified IBC and IRC checklists for new construction and additions are now available on the website. Visit the website for copies of all current L&I plan review checklists

  • FAQ - Do I need to obtain a new zoning permit if the height of the proposed structure has changed? Visit the website for other L&I frequently asked questions.

Site Violation Notices (SVNs)

In the coming months L&I inspectors will begin issuing Site Violation Notices (SVNs). SVNs are intended to penalize and deter infractions that can be quickly complied on site when an inspector comes along but tend to reoccur once the inspector leaves. SVNs carry monetary penalties that go into effect immediately and can be issued each time the inspector observes the violation.

Because SVNs have not been issued in the past, for the first six months L&I will issue Warning Notices without monetary penalty instead of SVNs. Keep an eye out for more information on SVN roll-out.

March 24, 2021: Updates from the Philadelphia Department of Licenses & Inspections

Licensing & Inspections Approves Continuing Education Credits re: OSHA 30

A new regulation became law on March 5, 2021 to allow 30-hours of continued education credits in lieu of retaking an OSHA 30 course. To do this, you must already have submitted an OSHA 30 Construction and Safety Certificate to the department. If the department accepted an OSHA 30 Certification, the contractor may submit proof of completion of continued education credits with their amendment or renewal application. 

The course must be completed in the 5 years before applying for license renewal and the provider must be approved by the PA Department of Labor and Industry.  

Virtual One-on-One Appointments Schedule Online

L&I is offering one-on-one online appointments to help customers renew their licenses. Virtual appointments are still available and are conducted over Zoom. Schedule an online appointment to renew your license(s).  

L & I will soon offer online appointments for permit submissions. Look for further announcements on their website and/or newsletter. 

Contact Licensing & Inspections Form

This form will allow you to submit an inquiry to L&I. Please make every attempt to resolve your issue using information provided on the L&I website. If you do not see an option that matches your inquiry, please reach out to 311 for support. You can expect to receive a response within 2 business days.

Visit the Contact Us  page of the website for additional contact information and links to submit an inquiry. 

January 27, 2021: Updates from the Philadelphia Department of Licenses & Inspections

Updates eCLIPSE Procedure Now in Effect for Some Permit Types Requiring Preapproval from Dept. of Streets

As of January 19, 2021, the Department of Streets has started conducting many of its plan reviews in eCLIPSE. This changes the procedure for applying online for Zoning, Residential Building, or Commercial Building permits requiring preapprovals from Streets. You must submit your application and plans to the Streets portal and obtain a Streets Review Job Number before you file your permit application with L&I. The main advantage of this change is that while you await Streets review and approval, you can continue working in eCLIPSE with L&I and other departments. All pre-approvals are still necessary before final permit issuance.

For more information, see L&I’s Streets Department pre-approval process information sheet and to learn more about Streets plan review in eCLIPSE, watch these Streets Department videos.

All permit applications for new construction and additions filed on or after April 1, 2021, shall be subject to new requirements:

Energy Compliance Documents

All permit applications for new construction and additions must include the following information:

  • A separate energy compliance plan depicting the full building thermal envelope and providing necessary detail to confirm compliance with applicable Energy Code provisions, including insulation, continuous air barrier, and window / door schedule with fenestration rating and areas, is required.
  • Projects utilizing the prescriptive method to comply with the Philadelphia Energy Conservation Code must include a ComCheck or ResCheck Compliance Certificate signed by the design professional. If a mechanical and/or lighting system is selected as an additional energy efficiency package, Mechanical and/or Lighting Compliance certificates must also be provided.
    • This requirement for compliance certificate does not apply to projects utilizing the PA Alternative Residential Energy Provisions. 

A reminder and correction to submitting your subcontractors' names to L&I

Philadelphia contractors and trade licensees are required to submit the names of each subcontractor that works under their permits to L&I using eCLIPSE, within three (3) days of the commencement of any work authorized by that permit. This requirement will not apply to the construction of one- or two family residential buildings. Failure to comply may result in license violations, fines, and Stop Work Orders. 

Refer to the How-To Guide for step-by-step instructions to add a subcontractor to your permit via eCLIPSE.

Contracts Required for Electrical Permit Fee Calculations

The requirement for submitting an executed contract with all new electrical permit applications prior to the generation of a billing statement is now in effect. The contract cost must include the cost of all electrical equipment, material, labor, overhead, and profit and shall be used to determine permit fee in accordance with Section A- 903.2 of the Philadelphia Building Construction and Occupancy Code. If the construction cost identified on the contract includes work that is not covered by the permit application, an explanation and detailed estimate of equipment, material, labor, overhead, and profit for the work that is covered by the permit must be provided. The cost associated with solar electric or photovoltaic systems may exclude the cost of arrays or inverters in accordance with Section A-903.2.1.

The contract is not required at application; however, it must be provided prior to calculation of permit fee and generation of billing statement. 

Renew Your Lapsed License Today to Avoid Late Charges

Beginning February 1, 2021, a delinquency fee of 1.5% per month will be charged to all licenses that are more than 60 days past due. Please renew your business or trade license on time to avoid additional charges.

  • To renew your license, log on to your eCLIPSE account and submit your license renewal application. You can visit the L&I website to get help with eCLIPSE.
  • If you are no longer renting out the property, you must close your license by contacting the 311 Philly Help Center at www.phila.gov/311 or (215) 686-8686.

New Resources on L&I Website – www.phila.gov/li

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