We're looking forward to seeing everyone at our Holiday Party on December 5th.

Registration is open but space is extremely limited for this event, open to EAP members and invited guests. 

*List as of 12/1/2023

Frank Balsama- Pollart Sales and Services
Ellen Barag - HiReli LLC
Henry Barusevicius Jr. - H B Electric Service, Inc.
Henry Barusevicius III - H B Electric Service, Inc.
Jack Beiter - E-Finity Distributed Generation
Jeffrey Beiter - E-Finity Distributed Generation
Justin Beiter - US Solutions Inc
Janet Benvenuto - Billows Electric Supply Co
Curtis Blessing - Blessing Electric Inc.
Kathleen Blessing - Blessing Electric Inc.
Tom Brady - Cooper Electric Supply
Trisha Bundhoo - HiReli LLC
Olga Caine - Nalset Electrical Services
Charles Calvert - Universal Electrical Service, Inc.
Ryan Chud - CMC Energy Services, Inc.
Bernie Clark - Hubbell Wiring Devices - Kellems
Micheal Connelly - Tri County Electrical
Jeff Conway - Cooper Electric Supply
Nicholas Cooper - Cooper Mechanical Solutions
Gary Cooper - Cooper Mechanical Solutions
Ernest Davis - Davis Technical Training LLC
Joseph Deane - KTR Electrical Solutions
Russell deFuria - O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning
Meg Dudrear - Kunz Powell & Associates, Inc.
Brigid Falasca - Eaton
Marc Faulkner - Faulkner Inspection Services
Andrew Funk - Hyde Electric Corporation
Mike Gildein - Peters Associates
Bud Geary - Oakview Associates LLC
Stefanie Green - Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA)
Thomas Greenage - A-1 Electric
Tommy Greenage - A-1 Electric
Jared Gross - Keystone Technologies
Michal Hofkin - UL Solutions
Ed Klyuchnyk - Nalset Electrical Services
Manny Korn - Woodstock Power Company
Bill Krause - HiReli LLC
Donia Krause - HiReli LLC
Mark Landis - Kunz Powell & Associates, Inc.
John Liddy - HiReli LLC
Steve Luczak - Hubbell Wiring Devices
Kathy MacWilliams - PECO
Michael Marino - Mourars Heating & Air Conditioning
Victoria Marino - Mourars Heating & Air Conditioning
Shannon Martin - Manna Supply, Inc.
Brion Martin - Manna Supply, Inc.
Doreen Masalta - PECO
Matt McCormack - Cooper Electric Supply
Niki McFadden - Johnstone Supply - Balsan Group
Harry McGinnis - Western Montgomery Career And Technical Center 
Bill Mecca - Mecca Electric
Patrick Melvin - Kendall Electric
Alex Pearce - HiReli LLC
Tim Petersen - APT Electric
Edward Pollart - Pollart Sales and Services
Brendan Powell - Kunz Powell & Associates, Inc.
Bob Powell - Kunz Powell & Associates, Inc.
Jim Presto - Cooper Electric Supply
Christian Regan - Kendall Electric
Roy Reuveni - Woodstock Power Company
Scottie Ruiz - Cooper Electric Supply
Gabriel Schill - Locust Sales
Paula Simmons - UECU
David Sioma - Johnstone Supply HVAC
Betsy Smith - HiReli LLC 
Michael Smith - HiReli LLC
Gary Smullin, PE - Smullin Engineering, Inc.
Bill Solomon - Joseph E Biben Sales
Ronald Story - Ride To Work, LLC
Tim Styer - Ride To Work, LLC
Brandon Swartley - STV Incorporated
Pete Taylor - Taylor’s Electrical Contractors
Jon Torres - Cooper Electric Supply
Bill Tuturice - Northstar Electrical Services, Inc.
Kasia Tuturice - Northstar Electrical Services, Inc.
Rich Van Wert - Electric Education Center
Boris Vaynblat - RAE Consulting
Carl Watson, PE - Applied Energy Solutions
Walt Weber - Legacy Power Products LLC
John Whitney - Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
Keegan Wilson - HiReli LLC