EAP Contractor Membership is comprised of companies who are qualified to install, repair, and maintain residential, commercial, and industrial energy systems.

Looking for a Contractor to perform residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial work? Use our Locate a Contractor search to find companies who work in your area. 

*Member Listing as of 5/24/2024

A & I Electrical Construction, LLC
AM Electric, Inc.
A.B.M. Electric Corporation
AAA Brothers, Inc.
Advanced Electrical Services Group, Inc.
AirMaster Heating & Cooling Specialists
All Phase Electric Company
Angel Heating & Cooling
Angelo's Electric LLC
Anton Electric, Inc.
APT Electrical Contracting Co., Inc.
Arctic Air Conditioning
Armour & Sons Electric, Inc.
Assured Electric
Albert Bachman & Son, Inc.
Benton Electric, Inc.
E. C. Bentz Electrical Contractor
Bergey's Electric, Inc.
Blessing Electric Co., Inc.
Brandywine Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Brinker's Energy
R. Brooks Mechanical, LLC
James Brown Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC
Building Inspectors & Contractors, Inc
Burkee Climate Control
Burns and McBride Home Comfort
C & C Heating & Air Conditioning
James Campbell Electric, Inc.
Carney All Seasons LLC
Carr & Duff
Wes Carver Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Cascio Electric, Inc.
Bob Cermignano Air Conditioning & Heating
CG Wiring LLC
CGW Electric Inc.
Chelsvig Electric
MoreVent Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical LLC DBA: Christian Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical
John Cipollone, Inc.
City Electric Corp
CM3 Building Solutions, Inc.
Comfortworks Cooling and Heating
Condino Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Connor Electric, LLC
Cool It, LLC
Cooper Mechanical Solutions
Stanley W. Cooper, Inc.
Richard M. Crossan, Inc.
CTS Electric
CurrentMaster Electric, LLC
Custom Cooling Services, LLC
Dages Electrical LLC
Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning
Davis Modern Heating & Cooling
Delbar Heating & Air Conditioning
DeLong Service Company
Despot Electrical Services
Diamond/Delchester/Major Energy
DiBiase Heating and Cooling Company
DiFilippo's Service Company
Doylestown Heating and Air Conditioning
Dudo Electric, Inc.
Frank Duff Electric Service, Inc.
Dunn Electric Company, Inc.
ECI Comfort
Electrical Wizardry, Inc.
Energize Electrical Solutions
Engel Air Conditioning & Heating
Family Heating and Air Conditioning
Fiasconaro HVAC, Inc.
Four 'D' Electric
H. B. Frazer Company
Gamon Electric, Inc.
Geib's Electric LLC
Gelet Electrical, LLC
GEN3 Electric & HVAC
Generator Supercenter of the Mainline
Gillespie Electric, Inc.
Girard Electric Service Co., Inc.
Glenmoore Construction Service, Inc.
GMH Electric Company
GR Electric LLC
Granahan Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Guerrera & Sons Electric, Inc.
H & H Heating & Air Conditioning
H B Electric Service, Inc.
J. Halligan & Sons, Inc.
Hannabery HVAC
Hard Hat Services
Harris Comfort
Harry G. Hey & Sons II, Inc.
Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.
Hautzinger Electric, Inc.
Hawke Electrical, Inc.
J. F. Hierholzer, Mechanical & Electric, Inc.
Charles A. Higgins & Sons, Inc.
Home Rangers LLC
R. Huber Electric, LLC
Hughes Heating & Air Conditioning
Gordon Hutton Electrical Contractor, Inc.
Hyde Electric Corporation
ICMG, Inc.
Infinite Mechanical LLC
Jerdon Enterprises, Inc.
Just It's Electric

Tony K & Sons Electric
Marvin E. Kanze, Inc.
Charles G. Keller, Inc.

Keough Electric, Inc.
King Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC
Kohlhepp Electrical Company
Konowal HVAC
IT Landes Home Service Team
Landis & James Electric, Inc.
Lauterborn Electric
Lee's HVAC & Plumbing, Inc.
Jack Lehr Heating Cooling & Electric
Lex Electric Company, Inc.
Lou's Electric Service
A. N. Lynch Co., Inc.
Lyndee Corporation
Charles H. MacDonald Electric, Inc.
Malloy Electric and Fire
Marple Township
Martella Electric Co.
Keith Martin Electrical Contractor
Van J Masciantonio & Sons
McClelland Electric
John J. McGettigan, Inc.
McGoldrick Electric, Inc.
McLoughlin Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.
Meade Heating & Air Conditioning
Mecca Electric, Inc.
Meenan Oil & Propane
Melman Security & Communications Corp.
Meridian Electrical Associates
Messina's Electrical Service, LLC
JR Michalski Heating & A/C, Inc.
Miller Bros Div. of Wampole-Miller, Inc.
MJS Heating & Cooling LLC
MJW Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Electrical
Moss Contracting, LLC
Mourar's Heating & Air Conditioning
Moyer Indoor/Outdoor
Mulhern Electric Co., Inc.
Timothy G Murphy Elect. Contr. LLC
Nalset Electrical Services
Narducci Electric Company, LLC
National Electrical Services
Nelson Electric Service Company
Nelson Service Group, LLC
Nickum Schneider Electric, Inc.
Northstar Electrical Services, Inc.
O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning
Oliver Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical
National Electrical Service
PABEC Systems, Inc.
Paulo Electric Company LLC
Peak Electric, Inc.
Peters Associates
Philadelphia Gas & Electric, Htg. & A/C
E. C. Pierce Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Platinum Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Polaris-Brown LLC
Powell's Electric Service, Inc.
Precision Air Heating & Cooling
R & D Heating, Cooling and Electric
Regnier & Associates, LLC / Climate By Design
Renk Electric, Inc.
ReWire Electric LLC
Riggs Distler & Co., Inc.
Rossi Mechanical
Saintco Mechanical
Scatton's Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Richard Seagraves Electric
Service First Heating & Air Conditioning
Shelly Electric Co., Inc.
Signature HVAC LLC
Sinton Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.
William Smerican, LLC
J. A. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning
W. F. Smith, Inc.
BSI, Brendan Stanton, Inc.
Steele Electrical Service
Stevens Heating & A/C, Inc.
Ted Strauser & Co., Inc.
Summers Quality Services
Swartley Brothers Engineers, Inc.
Taylors Electrical Contractors LLC
Tommy's Electric, LLC
Triac Mechanical Services, Inc
Union Electric Contracting Co.
Universal Air Heating and Cooling, LLC
Universal Electric, LLC
Universal Electrical Service Co., Inc.
Vision Utilities, Inc.
F. Wackenhut Co.
E. Walker Electric, LLC
Wallace Services, Inc.
Walsh Brothers Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Inc.
Clyde S. Walton, Inc.
Walton's Electric, Inc.
Wescott Electric Company
Rich Womelsdorf Electric
Antonio Zullo Electric, LLC