Not only do wholesalers bring products to the jobsites, they provide valued expertise on product design and installation, creating true partnerships with their customers. We welcome wholesalers involved in both electrical and HVAC markets.

Membership Qualifications

To join as a Wholesaler, the entity must meet the eligibility requirements outlined below.


Firms, corporations, partnerships, individual proprietorships, and other types of business enterprises that are engaged as a significant part of their business in warehousing, distribution and selling of electrical and/or heating and air conditioning products to installers of these products.

Key Features/Benefits for Wholesalers

Access: EAP offers access to contractors, keeping your brand visible amongst current and prospective customers.

Thought Leadership: Our industry training and events are a great opportunity for wholesalers to promote their products to installers and provides networking and lead generation opportunities for your sales team.

Electric Expo: Our biennial Expo is the largest electrical show in the region; members get both early access as well as discounts on limited on floor opportunities now available to wholesalers.

Residential Rebate Program: For our HVAC Wholesalers, participating in our Residential Rebate Program is a great way to increase product sales with a focus on higher efficiency equipment.

Review the full list of benefits here.

Membership Dues

Fees associated with membership for Wholesalers are based on company size. Dues are paid annually and prorated in the second year of membership.

  • Large Wholesaler: 30 or more employees – $985
  • Medium Wholesaler: 11 – 29 employees – $750
  • Small Wholesaler: 10 or fewer employees – $525

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