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EAP Board of Governors

EAP is governed by volunteers from member organizations. Within the Board of Governors is the Executive Committee, comprised of the Officers of the Association.

Elections are currently underway for the 2021 Board Term!

Meet the candidates here.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of The Electrical Association of Philadelphia consists of the Association's officers. These officers also sit on the Board of Governors. The Executive Committee acts in the name of the full Board when it is not in session, and deals with emergencies that require immediate attention.

Pat Melvin  


Pat Melvin
Rumsey Electric Company
Russ deFuria  

Vice President

Russ deFuria
O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning
Henry Barusevicius, Jr.  


Henry Barusevicius, Jr.
H.B. Electric Service, Inc.
Fran Pollart  


Fran Pollart
Pollart Electrical Sales, Inc.
Brigid Falasca  

Immediate Past President

Brigid Falasca
Eaton Electrical

Past Presidents

2015-2016: Kim Schneider 
2014-2015: Joseph Henry
2011-2012: Kevin Lane 

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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the governing body of The Electrical Association of Philadelphia. Board members represent and speak for all association members, not merely for themselves and for their own firms. They help determine the consensus of member judgment and promote membership cooperation and participation. Governors provide guidance in promoting the full spectrum of membership interest.

Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors

Russ deFuria, O'Brien Heating and Air Conditioning

Electrical Contractors

Henry Barusevicius, Jr., H. B. Electric Service
Drake Heller, Heller Electric, Inc.
Bill Lutz, Generation 3 Electric, Inc.
Bill Mecca, Mecca Electric, Inc.
Kim Schneider, Nickum Schneider Electric, Inc.

Electrical Inspection Agencies

Sharon Horn-McGrath, Municipal Inspection Agency

Engineers – Design & Consulting Firms

Carl Watson, PE, LC, Applied Energy Solutions


Bernie Clark, Hubbell Wiring-Devices Kellems
Brigid Falasca, Eaton Electrical

Manufacturers Representatives

Gene Biben, Joseph E. Biben Sales Corporation
Fran Pollart, Pollart Electrical Sales, Inc.


Doreen Masalta, PECO Energy


Janet Benvenuto, Billows Electric Supply Company
Kevin Lane, United Electric Supply Co.
Pat Melvin, Rumsey Electric Company
Walt Weber, All Current Electrical Sales

Board Member Emeritus

Jack Beiter